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Stutterheim Regeneration/

CBD Upgrade


Client: Aspire

Service Provided: Structural and Civil Engineering

Project Description:

This project started in July 2011. It includes the upgrading of the Stutterheim business centre and surrounding areas.


The main part of this project includes

1) The upgrade of the taxi rank. Picture 1 shows some of the kerblaying trainees at the taxi rank.

2) New paving around town (Picture 2)

3) New Hawker stalls, still in development stage, designed according to the hawker's preferences. (Picture 3)

4) The upgrade of Grey Square in the centre of town, with a special centre feature, surrounded by the hawker stalls, to make it a nice social area.


This project does not only mean a lot to the town for the aesthetic purposes, tourism attractions or functionality, but one of the main focuses has been on job creation and skills development for people local to Amathlathi, that can be used in the future to earn an income and support their families.



Year Complete: In Progress

Proffesional team:

Architects: Osmond Lange

Project Management: Sakhisizwe Consulting Services.




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